Zumba Jammer – California!

Hello Zumba friends!

I wanted to share some very exciting and happy news with all of you!  I am THRILLED!!!  First, I want to thank you all for your support, dedication, enthusiasm and Zumba love!  It really is because of all of YOU, who continue to inspire and motivate me, to whom I owe this position.  Thank you!

I applied and have been selected as a ZUMBA JAMMER for California!!!  Efren Buzzo will also be a Zumba Jammer in the Bay Area with me!  Congrats, Efren!  I can’t wait to Jam with you!  And congratulations to all of the new Zumba Jammers!!

So what is a Zumba Jammer?!  The description below is from a fellow Zumba Instructor.

The Zumba Jammer (“ZJ”) program was designed to allow some of our qualified and experienced ZIN [Zumba Instructor Network] members to be trained to provide some guidance and help to other instructors by way of a ZUMBA JAMMER session.

Since Zumba instructors began teaching many instructors might meet on occasion to share routines they created. ZIN routines are great and many times the inspiration for others to create routines. But so many instructors like to find their own music and create their own steps and routines.

The ZJ program was created to allow some of these instructors to SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE, steps and routines with others.

This is not one the informal choreo jams or choreo shares that have become popular. The ZJ program is an authorized session by a training and qualified ZIN member to help others with creating routines and to use some teaching skills related to creating routines. The ZJs had to apply for this position and provide evidence of competency of these basic skills to become a ZJ and they will be formally trained, insured and professional in their role.

I will let you all know when we can start holding Zumba Jam Sessions in Northern California in September 2010 after we are trained in August 2010 at the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida!

4 thoughts on “Zumba Jammer – California!

  1. Zumba JAMMMER IN THE HOUSEEEEEEE – was there every any doubt? I think not ;) You are the greatest zumba instructor on the planet AND you choreograph all of your own routines!!

    • YAY!! You are awesome! Thank you SO much for your incredible support! It really is thanks to my students, friends and network of other fantastic instructors that made this whole jammer thing possible :)

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  3. Hey Alena, Wow, Congratulations!!! That is just great for you. It would really be good if they started to do that here in Australia…do you know if that is happening!!! I think we need you…Dynamite Zumba Package!!!!…to come down under and share with us.

    Well Done Alena,



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