Getting ready for Cambodia on Saturday!

The last few days in Chiang Mai, then Cambodia on Saturday!

We’re spending a few more lovely days in Chiang Mai and then we take the overnight sleeper train to Bangkok (I love trains!) on Saturday. We might experience a few travel delays with the flooding that still all over the middle of the country, but hopefully it won’t be too slow.  At least we have our first class private sleeper car room.  See pics here from our last train ride:

And then on Sunday morning, we ‘re taking the bus or train (still haven’t decided) to the border town and then another bus to Siem Reap.  I can’t wait to see Cambodia and the breathtaking temples of Angkor Wat again!

Learn more about Cambodia:

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you all!

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to you all!

Turkey Day in Thailand!  But there are no turkeys :( At least they have pumpkins…well, green pumpkins…

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful friends and family all over the world!  Especially the Groop-Troop!

Pad Thai, Leo Beer and Oreos for dessert were our happy Thai Thanksgiving dinner.


Mango and Sticky Rice

My favorite place for Mango Sticky Rice in Chiang Mai

Right near Tha Pae Gate, next to Black Canyon Coffee, is one of the best places in Chiang Mai to get the delicious Mango Sticky Rice (and the best Mango Shakes, the best Mango Pancake, the best Pad Si Ew, the best Morning Glory…oh, the best!)  Too bad it closes at 4pm.  The tell tale bowl of mangos outside say it all.  You want mangoes?  We got them!  And the staff are the most delightful people too!

Chicken and Rice, Chiang Mai

Chicken and Rice in Chiang Mai

I just found this delicious Chicken and Rice place very close to our guest house.  Located right behind the Three Kings Monument, it’s only open during the day and a favorite local hot spot.   Who knew chicken and rice could go so well together?