Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a fun night down at Market Street!

Tonight we danced to:

  • A Pedir Su Mano (warm up)
  • Funkette (warm up)
  • Levantando Las Manos (merengue pop)
  • Chiquilla Brazil Version (cumbia)
  • Mi Gente (salsaton)
  • Tu Mama Y Tu Papa (merengue)
  • Caliente (soca)
  • Kiss Kiss (belly dance)
  • Zu Bailalito (quebradita)
  • Pam Pam (reggaeton)
  • Muevelo (techno cumbia)
  • Lagartija Azul (cumbia calypso)
  • Zumbalicious (salsa reggaeton)
  • Traigo Una Pena (cha cha)
  • Caraluna (cool down)

Thanks for always making my day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday night was out of control! We had an incredibly high energy class with lots of whooping, clapping and booty shakin’! Bringing back some old school Zumba favorites, our playlist included the following hits:

  • A Pedir Su Mano (warmup)
  • Funkette (warmup)
  • La Faldita (merengue)
  • Techno Cumbia (cumbia)
  • Levantando Las Manos (merengue pop)
  • Chiquilla Brazil Version (cumbia)
  • El Mambo De Los Shoty (merengue/reggaeton)
  • Chico Snap (salsa pop)
  • Zu Bailalio (quebradita)
  • Los Campeones De La Salsa (salsa)
  • Taigo Una Pena (cha cha)
  • La Batidora (reggaeton)
  • Pam Pam (reggaeton)
  • Mueve La Colita (fun!)
  • Caraluna (cool down)

Seriously, one of the best Zumba classes ever! Thank you to my 85 students who made it a hot and sweaty party!

Zumba Fitness in San Francisco!

Hello Zumba fitness friends and family!

Welcome to my Zumba blog where I will share my songs and thoughts with current and potential students.

My fantastic students at 24 Hour Fitness in San Francisco are always wondering what songs I play during class and where they can find their own music. This site will be a great place for you all to see which songs I play at my classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I hope you all find this helpful!

Zumba love,