Zumba Fitness News: 5 Ways to Burn More Fat in Zumba Class

5 Ways to Burn More Fat in Zumba Class

Master Zumba instructor Staci Boyer’s top tips to maximize your workout.

By Jessica Smith

Love Zumba? You’re not alone! The Zumba program has helped melt the pounds and inches off 12 million Zumba-enthusiasts in 125 countries, according to the Zumba Fitness website. The Latin-dance inspired workout features fast and slow rhythms which, when combined, successfully tone and sculpt the bodyand burn fat.

We caught up with master Zumba instructor Staci Boyer to get her top tips for burning even more calories (and having even more fun) during your favorite Zumba class:

1. Let Loose
Zumba is all about having fun, and joining the party, which is hard to do if you’re stiff or self-conscious! The best way to burn more calories in class is to let go, have fun, and try not to think too much. “Letting yourself go will let the calories go!” Boyer says.

2. Maximize Your Arm Movement
During the moves, be sure to fully extend your arms, Boyer says. You’ll boost your calorie burn and engage more muscles by maximizing your arm movements during class. “It’s not that tricky and you can do a lot for your body by lengthening, raising, and extending with oomph.”

3. Move Up and Down More
“When your instructor takes you though a level change try and do it,” Boyer says. All that up and down movement will not only boost your burn, it will also get your glutes, hips, and thigh muscles firing even more. “Sit into your moves, bend your knees, and go up and down and all around as much as you can—level changes burn calories!”

4. Work Your Booty
“There is always a lot of booty shaking in Zumba!” Boyer says. “Just shake it—and shake it good (to best do this, see tip #1).” Boyer recommends pressing through your heels whenever you can to maximize the move’s booty shaping benefits.

5. Rock the Moves You Know
So maybe you don’t have every move mastered yet, that’s OK! You can still get a great workout as long as you rock the moves you’ve got! “Always accentuate the moves that you are actually comfortable with,” Boyer says. “Make the most out of that shimmy you love, or the salsa step you have mastered. Feel confident in adding your own flair to the movement. If you know it, show it!”

— Shape, http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/5-ways-burn-more-fat-zumba-class


What a great list of reminders to get the most out of your Zumba Fitness class!  What are your favorite tips for burning more at Zumba?

Zumba Fitness News: Zumba Sentao

Zumba Sentao with the Creator of Zumba Fitness – Shape Magazine

Beto Perez shared a link.


My experience taking a Zumba Sentao class with the creator and co-founder of Zumba Fitness, Beto Perez.
I am SO excited to take this new Training at the Zumba Instructor Conference in London in 2 weeks!

Upcoming ZIN Jam Sessions (ZINs only) and Zumba Master Classes (open to all!) in EUROPE!!! :D

Upcoming ZIN Jam Sessions (ZINs only) and Zumba Master Classes (open to all!) in EUROPE!!!


  • Friday, Feb 17th in Chorely (UK) with Jane Douglas ZJ
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  • Sunday, Mar in Nieuwegein (Netherlands) with Jorianne

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  • Fri, Feb 17th in Chorely, UK, with Jane (maybe Sat, Feb 18th too!)
  • Sun, Feb 19th in Hounslow, UK, with Lyna – Facebook Event
  • Mon, Feb 27th in Venray, Netherlands with Jorianne
  • Tues, Feb 28th in Paris, France, with Mary Ellen, Jorianne and Shemane
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  • Thurs, Mar 1st in Vienna, Austria, with Jorianne and Rene
  • Fri, Mar 2nd in Germany with Jorianne – Facebook Event
  • Sat, Mar 3rd in Overpelt, Belgium
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Zumba Fitness News: On The View!

Zumba Fitness News: Catch the brilliant Kass Martin shakin’ things up Zumba Toning style with Sherri Shepherd on The View! Just check out the 2nd vid, at about the 2 min mark.

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