5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Alena,

    Thanks for the invite to your Zumbathon for Jade Ribbon Week. Unfortunately due to schedule conflict I am unable to attend. If you are ever in the westside of town come and join me in a class. I would be very honored. Take Care all the best in the New Year. Peace, Love, and Zumba!!! Jackie

  2. Hey Alena. Awesome class today! I love your enthusiastic expressions. That Zumba class was like hyper expert mode! I think it’s also amazing that your doing research for liver Hep B at Stanford. Are you a researcher? Way to contribute to better lives!

  3. Hi Alena

    Thanks for following me and for all you do to promote Zumba. I am a retired CanFitPro and YMCA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Istructor. My love now is Zumba. I look forward to following your activities online. My activities are making playlists on google/ YouTube so as to enjoy dancing at home when I want on big screen or I go to GoodLife here in London ON. Canada.

    I have done a couple videos to get back the feeling of memorizing choreography etc.

    I will talk to you soon.

    See you on Facebook I hope

    Ted Ducharme
    London ON Canada

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