Zumbawear: How to make a halter top out of a racerback tank (via ZLife)

One of my favorite new looks is to make halter tops out of the Zumbawear racerback tanks.  This look became HOT after the one and only ZES Joy Smith started rockin them in classes and at events.  I like matching my new halters with colored sports bras (see below).

The following are the series of steps necessary to make a halter top out of your racerback tank.  ZLife did just a great job of documenting the steps (so much better than my pics!)

Step 1: Lay shirt on a hard, flat surface with the back of the shirt facing up.

Step 2: Make a straight, horizontal cut through ONLY the top layer from one arm hole to the other.

Step 3: Lift the cut edge, and lay the fabric flat as shown.

Step 4: From the cut edge to the neck hole, cut the piece vertically in half.

Step 5: Cut along the straps and inside the neck hole, just inside the seam. Continue down the neck line to make a “V” shape. (Go as low as you’d like).

Step 6: Cut the fabric along the outside of the straps, inside the seams. Be careful not to make the straps too thin.

Step 7: Tie the straps, and you’re finished! For added flair, create slits.

How to make and cut a Zumba top (via Michaela Šišková)

As many of you know and see, Zumba Instructors and students are some of the most creative people I have ever met.  And they like to show off their own sense of style!  The following is a series of photos to help YOU show off your own unique Zumba style by cutting up your Zumbawear (images and instructions courtesy of Zumba Instructor Michaela Šišková).

Step 1: Cut straight lines

Step 2:

Step 3: Stretch every single string

Step 4: Choose a string and interweave it through the others

Step 5: You can try diferent patterns-at the bottom just use safety pin till you find style you like it

Step 6: Back

Samba Pants are In! (via Zumba with Alena)

That’s right! You’ve waited for it and now they are back! ZUMBA SAMBA PANTS ARE IN THE Z-SHOP NOW!!!

Zumba Shop: http://www.zumba.com/us/shop/

Samba Pants are In! (via Zumba with Alena) HEY ZUMBA OFFICE! WE WANT MORE SAMBAS! :) Hello everyone!  The very awesome Zumba Samba pants are now available in the Zumba Shop online and they are hot!  Clearly I just ordered myself a pair and I wanted to share the info with you all: http://www.zumba.com/us/shop/ I will be sure to post information here in the future as soon as more samba pants become available!  Until then, check out EBay for older versions of the fantastic Zumba samba pants! … Read More

via Zumba with Alena

Z1 Sneaker – Zumba Shoes in the Shop! (via Zumba with Alena)

In the shop now! Get ’em while they’re hot :)

Zumba Shop: http://www.zumba.com/us/shop/

Z1 Sneaker - Zumba Shoes in the Shop! (via Zumba with Alena) Here they are: the NEW Z1 Sneakers in blue, lime and white! NEW Z1 sneakers in hot pink, lime and black and blue, green and white were released at the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida!! I HAD to try them and seriously, after having them on my feet for a few dance sessions, I was sold and went back for the other pair! I am IN LOVE with these new sneakers! They have more support than the original black and white Z1 sneakers and who d … Read More

via Zumba with Alena