Zumba Fitness in the News!

Zumba Fitness in the News!

United States

  • OK! Magazine featured the Zumba Instructor convention in Orlando and the celebrities in attendance.
  • The View invited Vanilla Ice to the show where they discussed his “Ice Ice Baby” Zumba remix and featured a performance to the song with 9 ZIN instructors as his backup dancers.

Around the World


  • Shape Magazine reports on a study published in The Journal of Sports and Medicine that revealed the average number of calories burned in a Zumba class.


  • L’Avenir covers the story of ZIN Aurélie Dauvin and 8,000 Zumba Instructors who attended the Zumba Instructor’s Conference in Orlando, Florida.


  • TV Record’s “Hoje em Dia” reports on Zumba Fitness’ many celebrity fans and also highlights inspiring stories from ZIN members Alec and Beth Hochstein, Corina Gutierrez and Vickie Mathis.



  • Le Parisien newspaper explains how the Zumba workout is a great way to get in shape for the summer.


  • Musikmarkt published a feature on the colorful world of Zumba Fitness as seen from 2012’s Instructor Convention in Orlando.


  • Vanity Fair highlighted Zumba’s Party In Pink Campaign with a box dedicated to the London event.




  • TV2 checked out ZES Jenna Bostic’s Zumba Toning and Aqua Zumba class and even joined the party themselves to see what these two Zumba specialty classes are all about!


  • AR magazine encourages readers to join the party and checkout the Zumba workout this winter by jumping into or warming up at home with Zumba DVD’s.


  • IForm Magazine featured a four page article about Zumba, highlighting Zumba’s newest specialty, Zumba Sentao.


  • Daily Express’ Saturday magazine features an interview with celebrity Zoe Hartman who calls the Zumba workout her guilty pleasure and also mentions how she loves Zumba toning and its body sculpting effects.

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