Zumba Sentao Class on Friday, June 22nd in Indio, CA

Zumba Sentao Class on Friday, June 22nd in Indio, CA

Thank you, Coachella Valley, for an absoluetly AWESOME and AMAZING Sentao Master Class on Friday night!  It was a BLAST!!! :D  I can’t wait to dance with you all again soon!

For those of you interested, here is the playlist from the MC:

4:09    Besito’ E Caramelo – Reggaeton / Cumbia
7:12    Echa Pa’lante – Belly Dance / Reggaeton
6:14    Contigo – Salsa / Reggaeton
4:55    Tonto No – Reggaeton Tropical
3:51    Como Es Que Se Llama? – Cumbia / Reggaeton / Bachata / Merengue
3:19    Hybrid  – Caribbean Hip-Hop
3:18    Reggaeton Latino – Reggaeton
3:46    Enamórate    Grupo Treo
3:22    Clap Stop Jump – Hip-Hop
3:48    Quebra As Cadeira – Axe
4:01    Arrasando    Thalia
3:11    Las Avispas
4:22    All Night Long    Alexandra Burke
4:26    Destra Garcia Ft. Sean Paul – Free It Up
4:12    Bolide – Soldat Jahman
3:16    BALADA BOA
4:01    build a big house    dr victor    Reggae Hits
3:54    Overcome    Alexandra Burke

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