Party Hearty™ Zumbathon® in San Francisco, CA! (via Zumba Fitness with Alena)

Party Hearty™ Zumbathon® Thank You!!!

Thank you all for coming out to play with us in San Francisco!  We raised thousands of dollars for the American Heart Association :)

Party Hearty™ Zumbathon® in San Francisco, CA! (via Zumba Fitness with Alena) Por Tu Corazon! LOOK AT STEF ON TV!!! Party Hearty™ Zumbathon® in San Francisco, CA! We hope you are all getting excited about the Party Hearty™ Zumbathon® in San Francisco benefiting the American Heart Association! Date: Saturday, April 9, 2011 Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm Doors open at 9:30am Location: Upper Noe Valley Rec Cente … Read More

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Thank you St. Louis!

Thank you STL and Midwest Zumba Instructors and friends!

Thank you all for your energy, passion and happiness for one fun-filled afternoon of Zumba Fitness and for sharing your Sunday with me.  It was wonderful to meet all of you and such a pleasure to dance, network and jam with you.  It is clear that you all have a strong Zumba community in St. Louis and in the surrounding areas with your smaller teams of instructors.  I appreciate your eagerness and excitement to learn new choreography – now, go make it your own!  I look forward to seeing all of my favorite STL friends soon!!

Photos from our Sunday Zumba fun here!

What are the best shoes for Zumba Fitness? (via Zumba Fitness with Alena)

Treat your feet: What are the best shoes for Zumba Fitness?

Every single time I wear my Reebok Zigs, my feet are in heaven! They make dancing and fitness just that much better. When I was in St. Louis this past weekend, I looked around the room and not only were all of the Zumba Instructors wearing bright Zumbawear, but over half had on Reebok Zigs, in equally bright colors. I told myself that I wouldn’t wear them outside of class, but I just couldn’t help myself. I now sneak them on my feet in the office, walking around the city, running errands. Oh, the joy of happy feet!

What are the best shoes for Zumba Fitness? (via Zumba Fitness with Alena) Best Shoes for Zumba Fitness Classes I am now officially a Reebok Zigs convert! I know that I should have probably listened to my mom from day 1, but these shoes really are amazing! I highly recommend them to save your feet and make for the most comfortable Zumba experience ever. I am now looking into new colors or perhaps customizing my own. The Best Shoes for Zumba Fitness When the NEW Z1 sneakers in hot pink, lime and black and also blue, gree … Read More

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Zumba Fitness Contest! (via Zumba Fitness with Alena)

Giant Zumba® Party Contest on Facebook

We all learned the sharing lesson when we were kids. Share your toys. Share your crayons. Share your candy. Well, now that we’re all adults, the Home Office has a message for us: Share!

Zumba Fitness is taking its latest contest to Facebook, and if you want to win, it’s time to bring that lesson back.

One lucky contestant will be selected at random to receive a giant Zumba® party, hosted within a 150-mile radius of their city. And since this is about sharing, the winner will also be able to share this event with 20 of their friends for free.

Simply “Like” us on Facebook at and click on the “Contest” tab to enter. Be sure to share the contest with your friends to improve your chances of winning – the more you share, the more times your entry is submitted, the more chances you have to win!

– Zumba Home Office

Zumba Fitness Contest! WANNA BE A HOMETOWN HERO? Alena entered the WANNA BE A HOMETOWN HERO? for a chance to win Giant Zumba party in your city. COME ON CALIFORNIA!!! Register so we can have a HUGE ZUMBA PARTY with BETO, TANYA OR GINA!!!! :) Details Invite Friends Contact Official Rules Terms & Conditions Grand Prize One lucky winner will receive a giant Zumba® party — with a special appearance by either Beto, Gina or Tanya — hosted by Zumba Fitness. The winner als … Read More

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Coming Soon!


WONDER_CARGOStep into Wonderland — Freshen up your style with the all-new Zumbawear Wonderland collection, launching in late April. Switch things up with the Wonder Cargo Pants, which have unique features such as removable tassels and different finishes on each pant leg. Top off your look with the sleek Zumba®Fedora. So now the question remains: To tassel, or not to tassel?

Zumba Office thanks for Augie’s Quest

Thank you to all of you who came out to Augie’s Quest in San Francisco last month!!

augies-questAugie’s Extended Family —One man’s journey to find a cure for ALS has become a special quest for the Zumba family. On March 17, more than 1,400 people attended the Zumbathon® charity event at the IHRSA Convention and Trade Show in San Francisco, California, to benefit MDA’s Augie’s Quest. More than $210,000 was donated by the Zumba community. Those who attended this unforgettable event witnessed U.S. Surgeon General Regina M. Benjamin, MD, and internationally recognized Pamela Peeke, MD, dancing on stage with Beto. Life Fitness founder Augie Nieto, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, also joined the Zumba family on stage with his wife. Click here to see the pictures. If you didn’t get to participate in an Augie’s Quest Zumbathon charity event this year, there will be more opportunities. The Home Office is working on a campaign for 2012 to continue our support and help beat ALS!