Zumba Benefit for Autism Awareness

Zumba Benefit for Autism Awareness

Saturday, March 26 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Redwood Hall – CuriOdyssey @ Coyote Point 

1651 Coyote Point Drive
San Mateo, CA

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Please join us in our efforts to support Walk Now for Autism Speaks! The attached flyer has all the details for our Zumba Benefit! 

Can you imagine hearing the words “your child has autism”? In a split second, life – as you know it – has changed. For a different family every 15 minutes, tomorrow will never be the same.

By participating in this event, you are helping to change the future for all who struggle with autism. By donatin…g, you are getting us one step closer to finding what causes autism, how to prevent and treat it, and ultimately a cure so no family ever hears those words again. Until then, we push to find answers and raise awareness about the devastating toll that autism has had on families like ours.

We need you to help make tomorrow be about baseball practices, dance lessons, school lunches and first words rather than therapy, doctor appointments and despair. Together, we will find the missing pieces.

If you’re unable to attend, you can make your donation here:

Thank you in advance for your support!!!


• Cat Lopez – @Kitty Cat Zumba
• Alena Groopman – Zumba with Alena
• Maria Carlson
• Rossy Leon de Gautier
• Ruba Khennaiser – Zumba Party! with Ruba
• Danielle Brandman – Zumba con Danielle!
• Stefanie Canahui – Zumba with Stef
• Stella Sandoval
• Charles Cao
• Nora Colin

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