Zumba Master Class in the Netherlands!

Zumba Master Class with Zumba Jammers Jorianne (Netherlands) and Alena (United States)

Gold’s Gym Nieuwegein

Zondag 13 februari 2011 18:30-20:00
Alena Groopman & Jorianne Janssen

€ 10

Register here: Klik hier om u in te schrijven 

Health Club Gold’s Gym

Attention ZIN MEMBERS ONLY: I’m having a ZIN Jam session on Feb 13th @ 3:00pm in the Netherlands. ZIN Jam Sessions are exclusively for ZIN Members as part of the benefits of ZIN. For more information go to the Find a ZIN Jam Session section of ZIN Home (www.zumba.com) OR send me an email (alena.groopman@gmail.com).

Zumba Instructor Convention Registration Now Open!!

Who’s excited for the 2011 ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR CONVENTION?!

That’s right!  The Zumba Instructor Convention for 2011 is now open for registration and you bet I am all signed up and ready to go!  My mom and I did some frantic emailing to figure out our schedules together this morning and we figured out how to get 3 full days at the convention with the same workshops!  I mean, if I really got everything I wanted then I would be at the convention for a whole month!  There are so many great workshops and presenters to choose from!!  I cannot wait to see my entire ZIN family out in Florida!!  Ahhhh, and to think I have to wait 6 whole months!  But seeing how it’s already FEBRUARY, time does go by quickly!

CA ZINs, have you already signed up? Then join us on facebook to pre-network here!

I am also proud to announce that I will be a presenter at this year’s Zumba Convention.  I am so deeply humbled and honored to be given this opportunity to hold two ZIN Jam Sessions at the Zumba Convention this year among friends and family.  We have nine amazing Zumba Jammers to show your their choreography and style!  I’ve asked some incredible Jammers to join me in my sessions too!  The Zumba Jammer Program has been such an incredible experience and I have loved every minute of it!  I want to express my everlasting gratitude and thanks to all of you for your support, kindness and enthusiasm in my ZIN Jam Sessions.  They have been so much fun!!  I keep learning so much for each of you every time we Jam.  Thank you!  I will represent the ZJs and California and make you all proud!

And many thanks to my students and friends for coming to play with me every week at my classes, events and parties!  You make my Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays the best!!!

And of course, thanks to my mom, my inspiration for becomming a Zumba Instructor in the first place :)

So ZINs, what are you waiting for?! Register already! And sign up for my Jam :P


If you’ve had the chance to attend a ZIN Jam ™ Session, then you know how “jam-packed” they are with benefits! Get brand-new choreo and clever ways to renovate your classes while enjoying an invigorating and inspiring two hours of hot and sweaty fun with Zumba®Jammers(ZJTM) from across the world.

You’ll leave feeling energized, confident and armed with ready-to-use dances, choreography notes and a list of songs from the original Zumba®Fitness CD and recent Mega Mix volumes. Each session is limited to 50-60 participants so you can be as successful as possible. Choose from among nine sessions with select Zumba Jammers – skilled, spunky Instructors who will help you get the party sizzling like never before.