Sharing some advice from Dar Reed, Zumba Instructor

I often receive email updates from Zumba Instructor and ZIN member Dar Reed and her latest blast just made me want to share it with the rest of you!  I couldn’t agree more, Dar!

Why Some Instructors Won’t Help Each Other

Happy Friday! Once again its been a busy week. I guess its that time of the year where there is alot going on. I prefer it that way to be honest but some days I wish I could just hit the pause button for just a few moments! I am sure many if not ALL of you can relate. Yes??? YEESSSSS!!!

One of the things I love is when another instructor ask me to look at their choreography and to give my advice and my “take” on it.  Today I had the pleasure of working with one who is a DEAR FRIEND. First I must say I have seen so much growth in her since she first started. She is really come into her own! I love when I see that in others….I can’t stand it!!!! LOL!  The reason for me mentioning this is to again point out to my instructors out there how beneficial it is to reach out to other instructors and get their opinions and ideas….especially if you are stuck!!! LOL! I often get that way and I call on my peeps Melinda, Wendy and Angie. Sometimes I just need a “fresh” look on what I am working on and 9 times out of 10 letting one of them hear it works! The instructor I am talking about in this particular situation is Rachele and even though she reached out to me for me to help her she actually helped ME!!! I played her a song I am “playing with” and before we knew it….IT WAS DONE!!!  Isn’t that just FABULOUS!!!!

Unfortunately, I see and hear of instructors who won’t help or share because they don’t want the other instructors to “steal” their moves….I MEAN REALLY!!!! STOP IT! LOL! That is a whole other eblast. Bottom line we should be there for each other to share, teach, learn and encourage one another. That is how we grow and build a stronger fitness community.

– Dar Reed,