Zumba News – Alberto Perlman, Using the Latin beats to get you in shape

Alberto Perlman – Zumba® Fitness L.L.C.

Using the Latin beats to get you in shape.


Laura Pennino interviews Alberto Perlman, CEO and co-founder of Zumba® Fitness, a dance-fitness program that combines Latin music and dance moves, and resistance training, into a regiment of interval aerobic training. The “Zumba® Fitness-Party” is an amazing story of branding development that includes instructor certification, a clothing product line, and even a partnership with The Kellogg Co. and Special K breakfast cereal.

Article from The Business Maker, September 2010: http://www.thebusinessmakers.com/episodes/shows/2010/september-2010/episode-274/alberto-pearlman.html

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