Reminder: Thursday this week with Gigi!

Hello friends!

Just a friendly reminder that I will be missing class (and all of your smiling faces!) this Thursday night, but have no fear!  Zumba class will still be on with the one and only GIGI!!!  She will rock the house!  Enjoy :)

I will be attending a work function where I get to get all dolled up in black tie optional attire!  As most of you know, my day job is in public health working on hepatitis B and liver cancer prevention and control.  I am the Global Health Coordinator at the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University.  Our organization is one of the steering committee members for the SF Hep B Free Campaign (those of you in SF, I hope you’ve heard of it!  Or at least seen those Asian model/doctor/basketball bus ads around the city – “Which one will die?”  Yes, that’s SF Hep B Free).  Tomorrow night is the Hep B Free Gala (woo!!) so I’ll be there workin’ it –

See you Saturday morning at Studio Gracia for an awesome class to get your weekend started right!!

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