Upcoming ZumbAtomic Trainings in Northern California!

ZUMBATOMIC–Sunday, November 7th, Sacramento
This training not only covers all the details of teaching to children (priceless!) but will improve your ability to break things down for adults too. Bring your youthful spirit to this one–it is a lot of FUN!

More information about the ZumbAtomic program: http://www.zumba.com/us/workshops/zumbatomic/

Honestly, this is one of the best trainings to go to and you learn so much about different approaches for not just children, but for adults as well!  Always good to keep things fresh and fun for all audiences!  This is actually the training that introduced me to ZUMBA MAMI (the Reggaeton that you all LOVE).

2 thoughts on “Upcoming ZumbAtomic Trainings in Northern California!

  1. I notice the dates here are for 2010? Are you still doing trainings? Do you have to be Zumba certified to teach ZumbAtomic? I am only really interested in being an instructor for kids.

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