Everyone counts!

I recently attended a seminar for work on stress (which was actually kind of stressful because I had so much work to do and couldn’t afford to take an hour break…but that’s besides the point).  What I remember and learned from this stress seminar I felt was so poignant that I had to share with all you.  Acknowledge people.  Every day make a point of saying hi and smiling at someone.  Thank them for the work they have done.  Make them feel appreciated in some small way.  Everyone likes to feel noticed.  And so I have been making an effort at my Zumba classes to make sure that I actively acknowledge each and every one of you when you make it out to class.  I recognize that there are many fitness routines out there and you are all busy, busy people, but thank you for sharing your Tuesday and Thursday evenings (and soon Saturday mid-mornings!) with me.

And now I extend this challenge to you.  Every day, make a conscious effort to recognize and acknowledge someone at work, at home or at school.



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