Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hello everyone!

Thanks for an awesome class tonight!  It was perfect!  Lots of energy, lots of smiling faces, sweat, dancing and fun!  What a great way to spend a Thursday night.


  • Oh La Ley
  • Funkete
  • La Cumbia
  • La Mazucamba
  • Que Te Pica
  • Tu Papa Y Tu Mama
  • Muevelo
  • Los Campeonese De La Salsa
  • Batula Bum  Bum
  • Las Avispas
  • Esta Pena Mia
  • Boro Boro
  • Bandolero
  • Lo Que Paso Paso
  • Pabajo
  • Down

I will be missing you all next week, but you still have plenty of options to get your Zumba fix – check out the 24 Hour Fitness schedules online.

PS I’m just blogging from the airport in Japan!  On my way to Veiniane, Laos via Narita (6 hour layover) and Bangkok (12 hour layover) – Whew!  Lots of traveling to get to this part of the world!  I think I could go for some delicious sushi now :)

One thought on “Thursday, February 18, 2010

  1. Nice site, Alena! Thanks for sharing your Zumba playlists – I am a Zumba instructor in Minnesota and it is nice to see what other people around the country are doing. I post a playlist monthly on my blog in case you are ever looking for ideas too.

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