Updated 2/2/10

Thank you to everyone who joined the party and fight against liver cancer at the first ZUMBATHON AT STANFORD!!! What a HUGE success!  I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, excitement and number of people who rocked the house.  Seriously, I am on the biggest Zumba high right now!

Thank you to the fabulous Instructors!

Thank you to the incredible ZIN bringing their students, friends and family!

Thank to you my students who came down from SF!

Thank you to the Stanford PE (Wendy, Jennifer), the Asian Liver Center (Diana, Amy, Chrissy, Meredith) and Team HBV (all of our volunteers!)  for all of their behind the scenes work, including registration, education and outreach!

One thought on “ZUMBATHON AT STANFORD!!! (Jan 30, 2010)

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