Thursday, January 14, 2010

And happy Friday to all!  I am thrilled that it is almost the start of a 3-day weekend.  I could really use some down time to just relax and cook and clean my room…whoa, sounding a bit domestic there…and go out with friends and maybe the movies, academy of sciences, and other delights of San Francisco.

You guys were HOT last night!  Those smiles make me so happy!  Here was our playlist:

  • Oh La Ley
  • Boom Boom Pow
  • La Faldita
  • Chiquilla Brazil Version
  • La Mazucamba
  • Que Te Pica
  • Zumbalicious
  • Tu Papa Y Tu Mama
  • Esta Pena Mia
  • Chico Snap
  • Muevelo
  • El Mambo De Los Shoty’s
  • Pam Pam
  • Latinos
  • Batuka Bum Bum
  • Down

Have a wonderful day!