Sunday Zumba

It was a great day of Zumba on this beautiful San Fran Sunday!

This morning Rossy and I practiced at Mobu for her Zumba Halloween Party next weekend (Oct 31st, 4:30pm, Mobu Dance Studio), which was a lot of fun.  I always like seeing new, fresh choreography and trying out some new numbers of my own.  For some reason, it doesn’t always look the same as when you were dancing in front of your bathroom mirror.  Note to self: always practice with someone else so they can tell you if you look ridiculous with a move you thought was oh, so cool.

After our little morning practice session, we went over to the Zumba Charity event organized by Gertrude aka Ciao Bella, which was a blast!  Over 100 people showed their support and it was good to connect with Zumba friends from around the Bay Area.  Zumba parties are good like that :)

I have to say that after over 17,000 steps today, according to my GoWear Fit, I am a liiiiittle tired!  Time for a movie and bed in preparation for a busy week.  And get psyched for some new HOT routines this week!

Zumba love,


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