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I had a lovely weekend at home visiting my parents and one of my brothers, Ian (whose 17th birthday was yesterday!) in Baltimore this past weekend.  It’s always good to get away for a little and hang out with the family.  I can’t wait for the big Groopman family reunion at Thanksgiving!

I’ve been enjoying Beto’s new Zumba Fitness book that I recently bought (I’m hoping to get him to sign it sometime too!)  There are really a lot of fantastic tips and pointers in here about healthy living and healthy lifestyles, so I will be sure to share the most interesting ones that I find with you all.

Zumba Fitness Tip: 10 Reasons to Dance into Shape

  1. Live to see your grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren, and be a part of their lives
  2. Keep your mind sharp
  3. Look and stay young
  4. Increase your energy level
  5. Protect your body against disease
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Move with grace and confidence
  8. Perk up your self-esteem
  9. Have more fun shopping for fabulous-fitting clothes
  10. Look gorgeous

Reference: The Zumba Weight Loss Program by Beto Perez and Maggie Greenwood-Robinson

As if you all needed any reasons…but maybe these are reasons you can share with your friends and family to get them to class!

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Latin exercise stretches bodies, cultural ideas

“Latin music filled the air. Sweatpants, sneakers and torsos swayed, shimmied and moved under the sounds of Zumba Tuesday evening inside the Bovee University Center Rotunda.”

“You can take Zumba and do it however you want as long as you are having fun. I would recommend this for anyone whether you’re five or 80 years old. Anyone can do it.”

via Latin exercise stretches bodies, cultural ideas, October 13, 2009.


I’m sorry to say that the lululemon Zumba class has been canceled on Sunday 10/18 due to scheduling conflicts at lululemon :(  Please spread the word – I will be rescheduling this class for hopefully sometime in December.  Thank you to everyone who was going to come out.  Don’t worry, we’ll do another free class for you!