Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello SF Zumbalicious People!

Tonight was HOT!  Congratulations to all of the newest members of the Zumba family for taking your first Zumba class – you all did such a great job!   Keep coming back and you’ll get it all, so I hope to see you at another one of my classes soon.  Thank you to all of my “regulars” for coming out tonight and showing your Zumba love!

Here is tonight’s “old school” playlist – you rocked it!

  • Low (ft. T-Pain) – Warm Up
  • Funkete – Warm Up
  • Bandolero – Merengue
  • Techno Cumbia – Cumbia
  • Boro Boro – Belly Dance
  • Levantando Las Manos – Merengue
  • La Casa Del Ritmo – Salsa
  • Chiquilla Brazil Version – Cumbia
  • Pam Pam – Reggaeton
  • Zu Bailalito – Quebradita
  • Chico Snap – Salsaton
  • Taigo Una Pena – Cha Cha
  • Batuka Bum Bum – Cumbia

And a little shout out to Patricia (and Elizabeth!) the ride home! :)

New Zumba book just arrived!

So I just got home from work (and am hydrating up for my class at 7:30…hint hint…get your booties to Van Ness!) and my new Zumba order just arrived!  If you are like me, then all snail mail and packages make you happy too.  And I am NOT talking about bills…

Beto’s new Zumba book and the zumba weight loss plan just arrived and I can’t wait to read it and share the insights and tips!  I’m actually thinking about documenting my “journey” through the book.  It actually comes with a Zumba DVD too!

And of course, I got a new clothing item (you just cannot keep me away from that online shop!  But I’m not as bad as some, I promise!)

See you soon!


Zumba Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Healthy Lifestyles – Focused on Health, Fitness, Exercise,
Nutrition and Wellness – – Zumba Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

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Article from, Oct 5, 2009

This is an article talking about the new Zumbatomic Fitness Classes that was recently launched at the 2009 Zumba Convention.  I was one of the first instructors to get certified in this Zumba for Kids workshop and it is fabulous!  Kids (and parents) get ready for some fun!

If you or anyone you know is interested in having me do a Zumbatomic Demo, let me know!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello everyone from Potrero Sport!  Great class last night!  It was fun to add in some new numbers (that new reggaeton was hot!)


  • Low (ft. T-Pain)
  • Chiquilla Brazil Version
  • Caliente
  • La Mazucamba
  • Plane to PR
  • Mami
  • Ritmo calientie
  • Chico Snap
  • Traigo Una Pena
  • Bailadora
  • Zumbalicious
  • Batuka Bum Bum
  • La Faldita
  • Bora Bora
  • Caraluna

See you all tonight for some more wet, hot Zumba Fun (24 Hour Fitness Van Ness at 7:30pm).  I’ll be bringing back some old school favorites that you won’t want to miss!

Zumba love,