lovely sunday

I’m off to do a little exploring in the beautiful city of San Francisco! I have to pick up my new lululemon top so that I can show it off when I teach my community fitness class there in 2 weeks from today. Then I may just have to drop by Chinatown for some dim sum since I’ll be in the area. Then, it’s time for a little practice with my new Zumba friend Morgan!

2 thoughts on “lovely sunday

  1. hi, I just found your website while I was searching for different zumba music. I had a question for you, I am thinking about becoming a zumba instructor and I wanted to know the pros and cons on being an instructor.

    looking forward to your response!

  2. Hi Marquita,

    Thanks for your question and I am delighted that you are interested in becoming a Zumba Instructor!

    The pros: Zumba is FUN!!! I would definitely recommend going to the Instructor training (you can find all of that information on the website) and just having fun with it. It is a day full of dancing and learning and more dancing, and I would recommend the training to any of my students interested in becoming instructors or wanting to learn more about their technique. Being an instructor has been an incredible experience for me both physically and mentally. It is a wonderful way to meet fun and interesting people. And a great way to stay in shape!

    As far as I know, there are no cons about becoming a Zumba Instructor, other than maybe you want to buy too many hot new Zumba tanks!

    I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions!


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