Thank you!

Some of my fabulous students brought me some new hot music to listen to from Brasil and beyond…so you can just imagine how I will be spending this beautiful Saturday afternoon.  That’s right, listening to music and making up some choreographies!

And thank you Carlie for an awesome class this morning!  I wasn’t even sure that I was going to make it there for a little while with all nonstop fun.  I was just a sweaty hot mess by the end.  It was really great to see everyone back at class after quite a few weeks of the regular crowd being away for work and the like.  I will see you all again in 2 weeks.

Next weekend I will be heading home to Baltimore for a short little trip and to go to the RAVENS game!  Woo!

Tomorrow I’m having a little practice session with one of new Zumba friends who I met at the Fremont training :)

Have a wonderful weekend!