Awesome training!

Not only did the Baltimore Ravens dominate the Cleveland Browns today (holla!), but I had a fantastic time at the Zumba Basics 1 Training today with Roger Yamat  in Fremont, CA.  It was a blast!   I met some wonderful and fun people at the training today and even got some good ideas for some new choreography (thanks for all the great moves!)   I just love being able to take master classes and gather new ideas for my own classes.

It is always good to remember the Zumba basics by keeping the steps easy and fun, especially for those first timers to your class.  While the training did make me feel more confident in putting my own style to the steps I know, it was good practice to clean up and perfect some of them, while remembering the to utilize the Zumba formula- movement, arms, direction and fitness.

And oh my goodness, Club Sport in Fremont is one of the most beautiful facilities I have ever seen!  That gym has everything and the locker room was literally the size of about 10 of my apartments put together.  What a nice group x room too!  But don’t worry, I’ll keep representing the 24!

Thank you for a fabulous Sunday to all of the newly certified Zumba Instructors!  Feel free to come to my class, ask me any questions and stay in touch! :)

Zumba love,