Sunday Funday

Today I am going to enjoy a restful and relaxing Sunday on this beautiful, sunny day in the city! Yesterday’s Zumba Fever Party with Ivonne was super fun! It is always great to meet new students and instructors and see and learn from their different dance styles. As my Mom always says, There’s no wrong moves in Zumba, just unintentional solos. And that is something worth living by and loving!

Three hours of fun and fabulous Zumba can leave you a little tired the next day, but there’s no way I’m letting that stop me from a little practicing this afternoon. Ivonne had some really hot numbers so I want to try to capture some of that before I go and forget. Thanks for an awesome party, girl!

And now for some Baltimore Ravens football (against the San Diego Chargers – I can’t help it, I love me some NFL football on a Sunday, and once a Ravens fan, always a Ravens fan), some Zumba practice (gotta keep it fresh and fun in class) and some glorious sunshine!

Zumba love,