Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is nothing that gets me more flustered than being late.  I pride myself on my punctuality and when I am running behind I just get all worked up and fidgety.  Such was the case on the Caltrain today.  Usually the Caltrain is such a reliable form of transportation that gets me from the City and down the Pennisula everyday to and from work.  I love the train.  I read on the train, I write on the train, I listen to music on the train, and I tell everyone about how much I like the train.  Today however, was not a good train ride, for me or for those poor ladies sitting near me as I call my mom frantically every 5 minutes about how I’m going to miss my class and blah, blah, blah (yes, yes, I still call my mom to hear that good ol’ mom advice, everything will be ok, this is out of your control, don’t worry about it…and it helps…for a little). 

Well, yes, the Caltrain really is out of my control, so I should just give in to public transportation and relax, put my feet up (but no shoes on the seat).  There was an accident on the Caltrain today and that was not something that worrying about getting to my destination on time was going to change…or get me to my destination any faster.

But as the time near closer to the start of my Zumba class, a little panic sets in.  Do I cancel class and leave those 80 fantastic Zumbafanatics high and dry or do I just to rush over there in enough time for a speedy 45 minute workout?  It turns out I was only 6 minutes late after a speedy, and slightly dangerous cab ride to Potrero, and we started exactly 7 minutes past 6:30pm.

Whew!  And we worked it tonight!  I think that my class more than made up for those fews songs they might have missed.  It was non-stop hottness!  I introduced a few newer numbers tonight, and I am just in love with the new Quebradita – ooh, what fun!  I have it stuck in my head right now (even though I don’t really know the words…haha)

Here’s the Tuesday night Potrero playlist:

  • Low (Ft. T-Pain) – Warm Up
  • Funkette – Warm Up
  • Bandolero – Merengue
  • Mami – Cumbia
  • La Casa Del Ritmo – Salsa
  • Ritmo Calienta – Quebradita
  • Chico Snap – Salsaton
  • Tu Mama Y Tu Papa – Merengue
  • Don’t Stop – Samba/Batucada
  • Batuka Bum Bum – Cumbia
  • Que Te Pica – Reggaeton
  • Nunca Te Decides – Calypso

Quick poll: What was your favorite song tonight?

Also, please feel free to send me any song requests!  I know there is one out there for Pam Pam (reggaeton) so I will try to bring it back next week!

Have a wonderful night!

Zumba love,