I got a Free Sprinkles Cupcake today!

There is nothing like a free cupcake to start your day off right!  I know, I know, I totally and completely indulged today, but can you blame me?  A free red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles, how could I resist?!  And I will share my little secret to this cupcake magic with you…

I started following Sprinkles on Twitter and everyday they annouce a special word and if you are one of the first X number of people to show up and whisper the secret passwode, then you get a free cupcake!  My coworker and I just had to walk over to the Stanford Shopping Center for this one!

Well, I must admit that a cupcake wasn’t the best choice for my waistline, but I think that my Grandma is right in saying “Everything in moderation.”  If I took up the twitter offer for a free Sprinkles cupcake everyday and stopped doing Zumba at least 3 times a week…well, then we’d have a problem!

Also, I will be guest teaching a few Zumba songs at the Zumba Fever Party in Redwood City on Saturday, Septmeber 19th, so get your booties over there!  It’ll be a good way to burn off all those cupcake calories you are sure to enjoy :)