Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello everyone! What a wonderfully energetic and fun class! I introduced quite a few new songs tonight so here is the playlist:

Low ft T-Pain (warm up)
Funkette (warm up…and it might be time to put this one in the vault…)
Tu Mama Y Tu Papa (merengue)
Chico Snap (salsaton – yes, for my ladies on the left side of the room!)
Mami (cumbia)
Bandolero (merengue)
Estas Peridida (calypso)
Traigo Una Pena (cha cha – anyone have any thoughts on a new awesome cha cha?)
Boro Boro (belly dance)
Batuka Bum Bum (cumbia)
La Mazucamba (salsa)
Marcha Re (slow samba)
Que Te Pica (reggaeton)
Don’t Stop (samba/batucada)
1,2,3 (merengue)
Halo by Beyonce (cool down)

Have a wonderful rest of the week and see you all Saturday morning for some Zumba with Carlie, Pablo, Claire and the rest of the 24 Hour Fitness Zumba Crew!

Zumba love,

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