Good Motivation Tip

My coworkers and I were recently discussing what clothing we like to wear when we go to workout at the gym. Some of them like cotton t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and some like short and a tank top.  But clearly I prefer my Zumabwear when I’m teaching my class :)

However, when I’m practicing my songs and choreography at home in front of my large mirror in my bathroom (seriously, my bathroom is basically the size of my bedroom at my old apartment), I find that the best motivation I can give myself is to wear a sports bra while I dance and practice in front of my mirror. Whew, does that ever make you want to keep zumba-ing!

Know Your Music!

A little advice for all my fellow Zumba Instructors out there: Know your music! It seems almost obvious, but the number of times that I try to do a new dance to a song that I don’t quite know all the way, it always turns into a free for all. It is important to make sure that you just listen, listen, listen and love your music! Get to know it so well that you can sing it and dance it backwards and forwards, and more importantly, that you can do it facing your class and facing away. I brought in a few new ones tonight for my Thursday class, since I just had to show off a little of the rhythms that I learned at the Zumba Convention, and while they went off well, I needed to put that little extra time in to know them even better to make it an even bigger hit! Until next time, Alena

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello everyone! What a wonderfully energetic and fun class! I introduced quite a few new songs tonight so here is the playlist:

Low ft T-Pain (warm up)
Funkette (warm up…and it might be time to put this one in the vault…)
Tu Mama Y Tu Papa (merengue)
Chico Snap (salsaton – yes, for my ladies on the left side of the room!)
Mami (cumbia)
Bandolero (merengue)
Estas Peridida (calypso)
Traigo Una Pena (cha cha – anyone have any thoughts on a new awesome cha cha?)
Boro Boro (belly dance)
Batuka Bum Bum (cumbia)
La Mazucamba (salsa)
Marcha Re (slow samba)
Que Te Pica (reggaeton)
Don’t Stop (samba/batucada)
1,2,3 (merengue)
Halo by Beyonce (cool down)

Have a wonderful rest of the week and see you all Saturday morning for some Zumba with Carlie, Pablo, Claire and the rest of the 24 Hour Fitness Zumba Crew!

Zumba love,