Hydrate BEFORE and after your workout

Hi Zumba peps!

I’ve recently become a lot better about remembering to hydrate myself BEFORE (not just after) teaching my class and I wanted to share an article I recently found.

Hydrate Before and After Your Workout

It’s very important to make sure that you find a hydration solution that has sodium and potassium. While Gatorade is great and works wonders to keep me pumped up for class, I’ve definitely needed to branch out a try a few new flavors and brands. I’ve recently become addicted to Clif Shot Electrolyte in Cran-Razz – oh, delicious! I make sure that while I am sitting here in my office during my day job at work, I have at least two SIGG bottles of my bright pink hydration solution before I head up to the city to teach. And it helps me so much so I had to share.

Keep hydrated!